Can a company be a shareholder/investor?

Yes, a shareholder/investor can be a private or legal person from any country

Is such an investment counted as a tax deductible cost for my company?

No. The investment will be visible on the balance sheet of your company in the 'assets' section, but it will not be a tax deductible cost.

What dividend taxes will I pay and where?

The dividend should be taxed according to your tax residence or tax residence of your company, depending on who is the investor.

In which currency should I make a transfer?

Merkandi LTD is an English law company and the acquisition of shares takes place in GBP.

How do I make a transfer with the most favorable currency conversion if I have funds in a currency different from GBP?

The least expensive and the fastest way to send money abroad is or similar currency intermediaries.

In what month will I receive the dividend and in what currency?

You will receive the dividend in GBP once a year no sooner than after 12 months from the time the capital is paid. Dividends in our company are paid twice a year - in March and September (on the last day of the month). Example: you deposited capital in December 2018 - you will receive a dividend for the first year in March 2020; another one, in March 2021, and so on until you exit the investment.

For what period can I invest my capital?

The minimum period is 1 year and the maximum period is 3 years. We may always negotiate a possible extension of the contract after the end of the current investment period.

What if I need to withdraw my capital during the investment?

If you need to withdraw your capital before the end of the contract, it will be possible. You will lose your profit then but you will fully regain your capital. Of course, money is always working in our businesses. It is not kept on a bank account unused, which is why we reserve the right to withdraw the capital within 45 days from the date of informing us about such a fact.

Is the size of the dividend fixed or dependent on the company's results?

The profits paid, i.e. the dividends are fixed and are independent of the company's results.

I want to invest through my company. Will it be possible later to rewrite the shares (investments) from my company to me as a private individual?

Yes. Your company may sell such an investment to, for example, its shareholders. In this case, you must send us a document from such a transaction.

Do I incur any legal and accounting costs in connection with entering and exiting the investment?

No, we cover all the accounting and legal costs associated with the change in the shareholder structure in the company.

When and how will I receive confirmation of my shares?

After sending us the necessary documents verifying your identity (the list will be sent to you by email) along with the signed investment agreement, you can transfer money to us. Then, within 30 days we will send you by post a Share Certificate, which is a confirmation of your shares. These will be added to Companies House within 6 months from the date of signing the investment agreement.

Can I receive the company's financial data, employment structure or other data related to the operating activities of Merkandi LTD by email?

We treat the above data as confidential and we can only reveal it after signing the confidentiality agreement at a meeting in our office.

Does Brexit affect the investment in any way?

Brexit concerns the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU, and it has no influence on the shares held by investors (irrespective of the country in which they reside or have their registered office) in LTD companies based in the UK. A similar situation will apply if you decide to invest in companies outside the EU, the possible accession of a given country to the EU has no positive or negative impact on the value of the investment

Is it possible to buy additional shares in Merkandi LTD during the investment agreement while maintaining the dividend amount?

You can buy more shares (at least GBP 10,000) at any time while the investment agreement is in force, while maintaining a dividend that is more favourable to you.

you have invested GBP 10,000 with a 10% dividend per year. After a month (or any period, falling within the time frame of the investment agreement) you want to invest an additional GBP 10,000. According to the information on our site, you should receive a 10% return on equity in the first year (£ 10,000 to £ 19,999 - 10% per annum). However, we will keep more favourable terms for you from the previous contract and you will receive a 15% dividend.

Each additional amount of investment requires signing a new contract, issuing a new certificate for the "additional" investment and making a new entry in Companies House (all certificates and entries are dealt with and paid for by Merkandi LTD). The dividend payment period begins in accordance with the date of signing the given share purchase agreement.

Does Merkandi refund bank transfer fees/commissions and/or currency conversion fees?

Merkandi covers only the fees related to the execution of the transfer to the investor. Any other fees such as currency conversions and fees for sending or receiving international transfers, are not covered. Transfers to the investor are made in SHA mode.

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