Current projects of Merkandi:

Merkandi projects in progress:

  • -​ purchase and sale of stocklots and goods from overproduction and closeout stocks.
  • Escrow - securing payment / delivery of goods between the users of Merkandi.
  • Remote inspection of the goods and verification of the company – checking, among others the quantity, authenticity and origin of the goods as well as the credibility of the seller.

Planned Merkandi projects:

  • - ​auctions of goods, machinery and cars from bankruptcies, liquidation of companies, overproduction, returns from customers of leasing companies, banks, retail chains, producers, bailiffs, customs offices, tax offices, courts, police magazines.
  • - further development of the B2B platform in the USA.
  • Launch of B2B platforms in Latin America (Argentina, Mexico and Brazil).
  • Further expansion in Europe (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Croatia).
  • Reproduction of the business model of Merkandi through a franchise.

Our offer for investors:

  • The investor pays Merkandi LTD the capital that is a multiple (or equivalent) of the minimum investment amount (GBP 1,000).
  • In return, the investor receives shares in Merkandi LTD (Unit 4E, Enterprise Court, S63 5DB Rotherham, England, Company Number: 9582404):
    • For every GBP 10,000 the investor will receive 10 share of the "Preference Shares" type. Such shares are a perfect security because the Company's obligation towards the investor will be registered with the Company House (the registrar of companies in the UK) in the form of shares with a guarantee of dividend of the agreed amount.
    • The minimum period for which the investor pays the capital is 1 year, maximum 3 years.
    • The amount of the guaranteed dividend (your profit) depends on the amount of capital paid in:
      • GBP 10,000 to 19,999 - 10% per annum
      • from GBP 20,000 - 15% per annum
    • The dividend is paid once a year.
    • The investor will receive quarterly information in the form of a newsletter about the situation of Merkandi LTD.
  • Investor's protection:
    • The investor's shares will be registered with the Companies House and they will be visible in the public list of shareholders of Merkandi LTD.
    • The "Preference Shares" guarantee the payment of the dividend agreed upon in the contract with the investor in the first place before other entities.
    • Merkandi LTD will sign an appropriate agreement with the investor, so-called "Shareholders Agreement", which will accurately determine the amount of the dividend and payout dates.
    • The sale of shares in Merkandi LTD is an open investment, one can join the company all the time. Both new investors may become partners of the company and existing partners may increase the number of their shares by making subsequent payments.
    • The investor's shares may be traded.
    • Full responsibility for Merkandi's liabilities lies solely with its management in the person of Dariusz Pańków. The investor does not have the right to vote in the Company.
    • Possibility to exit the investment at any time without losing capital (details in the FAQ section and in the Company's Shareholders Agreement).

If you have any questions, please call or email us:, or check the FAQ section and see the answers to frequently asked questions. The contract and the detailed instruction of the share purchase procedure will be sent to your email after completing the application form. The signing of the contract (the Company's Shareholders Agreement) is concluded electronically via a secure signable system. If you want to talk with us face to face, please come to our office in Poland (required prior agreement on a convenient date for both parties).

I invite you to cooperation,

Dariusz Pańków

CEO of Merkandi LTD

Merkandi Ltd, Unit 4E, Enterprise Court, S63 5DB Rotherham, England. VAT Number: GB254632212 , Company number: 09582404.
Correspondence address: Merkandi LTD, ul. Matejki 5, 59-700, Bolesławiec, Poland

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